Culinary Arts "Youth Cooking with Class"

Mastering Basic Cooking JULY 13-17

Basic skills and techniques of cooking. This is suitable for beginners who want to develop the culinary skills. You will learn step by step methods of preparation, production and finish dishes. You will make your own stocks, veloutés and emulsions. You will also receive instructions on knife skills and various cooking techniques (grilling, roasting, poaching, frying, sautéing, etc.) you will practice safety and sanitation. You will learn to prepare, sandwiches, salads and salad dressings, vegetable, potato and starch dishes along with meat and poultry cooking and breakfast meals.                   

Classic Italian Cuisine JULY 20-24

Introduction to classic Italian cuisine. You will learn to make pizzas, fresh pastas, bruschetta's all the traditional way. This 5 day program will teach you to prepare basic Italian dishes and understand the Learn authentic Italian cooking by preparing regional classics such as minestrone soup, tagliatelle and prosciutto, risotto, and so much more. Come uncover the best-kept culinary secrets from Italy! Pasta always stimulates imagination in the kitchen: with a variety of classic Italian sauces.


French Bistro JULY 27 - 31

Creative healthy version of traditional French dishes. Usually local produce and ingredients Learn to make, chicken salad, omelets, traditional French sandwiches, croque-monsieur, salad nicoise, quiche and casual meals.





Asian Influence AUGUST 3-7

Learn the fundamentals of Asian cooking, stir fry techniques, soups, appetizers and sauces. This course will teach you the techniques for creating traditional Dishes Every day of the 5 day program will feature chinese cooking, thai cooking, indian cuisine, Japanese cuisine. Learn the secrets behind this ancient and abundantly flavorful style of cuisine.


Baking Techniques AUGUST 10-14

Instructions to the world of baking . this is a hands on program, necessary method, skills techniques for basic baking, Pie dough, piping batter, quick breads and muffins, yeast dough, croissant and bread baking, Danish pastries and donuts etc.



Exquisite Pastry AUGUST 17-21

Have fun learning how to make cookies, cakes, tarts, soufflés, scones, biscuits and much more. Learn all the basic techniques, you will need to create amazing pastries and desserts in this 5 - Day practical course. Sweet and savory, chocolatey, fruity or creamy pastries.: choux pastry, sponge cake, pastry cream, Chantilly cream, ganache, coulis, mousse and more.